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The Days Of Peleg -- Click to view larger image.
The Days of Laméch:
The Long-Awaited Prequel to 
The Days of Peleg

"A tasty new dish with plenty of action; An entertaining story of rebellion, seeded with sinister plots. Saboe makes it all fit seamlessly."
Mark G. McLaughlin, ForeWord Clarion Review
"An amazing tale of earth's early inhabitants. Entertaining and thought provoking. Once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down!"
Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review
"Saboe has done his homework. [A] compulsively readable novel. As in Peleg, when it comes to depicting 'action', Saboe excels. Reading Laméch put me in mind of James Bondand the Mission: Impossible team as often as it did ofC. S. Lewis."
MORE REVIEWS! Mike Gray, The American Culture
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The Days of Peleg

The Days of Laméch


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Who are the Semyaz?
In the aftermath of the Family Wars, the Semyaz arrive from unknown lands with a message of peace and hope. Their advanced technology and wisdom helps to rebuild the fallen cities, and their teachings that all people are Children of the Light promises to ensure that such horrific wars are a thing of the past.
But there are those who don’t trust their motives—or their stated promise to improve the human race. Are the Semyaz altruistic benefactors, or do they represent the ultimate enslavement—or even eradication—of humanity as we know it?
The youthful and reckless Laméch is ripped from his comfortable city life and thrust into a centuries-old resistance where he discovers the true nature of the Semyaz and their multi-generational designs on humanity.
Numerous clandestine operations bring him face to face with their secret research facilities, his long-absent grandfather—and a beautiful dark-haired prisoner who teaches him the true meaning of love and sacrifice.
Laméch learns a new kind of warfare that entails trusting the plan established by his grandfather—even though it seems destined to grant the Semyaz certain victory.

About The Days of Laméch
The Days of Laméch is the long-anticipated prequel to the award-winning The Days of Peleg, delving into the mysteries of the ancient Family Wars and drawing back the curtain on an age of antediluvian enlightenment—and ultimate devastation.
About the Author
Author Photo by .studioKAFI Jon Saboe - Author
Jon Saboe resides in Baltimore, MD with his lovely wife, Valory, where he works as a Network Administrator and Web Developer for a medical company.
He received his Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University, and currently guest lectures in area schools on Information Theory and Intelligent Design.
He is also a concert pianist, an avid chess enthusiast, and a practitioner of jiu-jitsu.

Visit his FaceBook page HERE.

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